Kaepernick Compares NFL Combine to Slave Auction

Kaepernick Compares NFL Combine to Slave Auction

November 3, 2021

In the Netflix documentary series chronicling his life experiences, former NFL quarterback and cop-hating, dictator-loving, national anthem protester Colin Kaepernick compared the NFL combine process to a slave auction.

In the series, which Kaepernick narrates, the former 49er appears in a scene in which he talks about NFL prospects being “poked, prodded, and examined” for defects prior to the NFL Draft. The players at the “combine” then leave the NFL field and enter a mid-1800’s slave auction where white landowners examine slaves for purchase.

In the scene, Kaepernick says this is how “they” establish a “power dynamic.” The scene closes with the NFL coach and slave auctioneer shaking hands against the backdrop of bonded slaves to establish a generational link between the professional athlete selection process and slavery.

Twitter rightfully responded with scorn and contempt for Kaepernick’s absurd and insulting comparison, pointing out that slaves weren’t usually heaped with fame and millions of dollars just for playing a game.

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