Julián Castro: Trump ‘Wants a Whiter, Wealthier Nation’

Julián Castro: Trump ‘Wants a Whiter, Wealthier Nation’

August 13, 2019

On MSNBC’s All In Monday, 2020 presidential contender Julián Castro reacted to the Trump administration’s new immigration rules by claiming President Trump “wants a whiter, wealthier nation.”

“What it looks like is that this administration is not just against undocumented immigrants, it’s also against legal immigrants. And on top of that, it seems to only want immigrants that look a certain way. I believe what they’re looking for are, it seems like, well-to-do immigrants from some European countries.

“Before 1924, people could come to this country… with nothing, and yet, and I think this is a very important point, Ali, a lot of those folks helped build the great nation that we have today,” Castro told the host.

Resorting to the Left’s go-to smear that Trump is a white supremacist, Castro added, “[I]t goes back to what he’s displayed from the beginning of his political career, from birtherism, to the way he started his campaign, to those comments about the Mexican-American judge, to his comments about Ilhan Omar and her colleagues. He wants a whiter, wealthier nation. That’s what he’s interested in.”


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