Julian Castro: ‘Open Borders’ is ‘Right-Wing Talking Point’

Julian Castro: ‘Open Borders’ is ‘Right-Wing Talking Point’

August 1, 2019

White House contender Julián Castro said during CNN’s 2020 Democrat presidential primary debate Tuesday night that the term “open borders” is merely a “right-wing talking point.”

“Open borders is a right-wing talking point and frankly, I’m disappointed that some folks, including some folks on this stage, have taken the bait,” Castro said.

“The only way that we’re going to guarantee that we don’t have family separations in this country is to repeal… the law that this administration is using to incarcerate migrant parents and then physically separate them from their children,” he continued, neglecting to mention that the law in question was instituted under former President Barack Obama.

As Breitbart News points out, Castro has promised he will decriminalize all illegal immigration to the U.S., provide amnesty to all 11-22 million illegal aliens already here, and increase the number of legal immigrants admitted every year. That sounds like open borders.

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