Juan Williams Says Trump Using Kanye West as ‘Prop’

Juan Williams Says Trump Using Kanye West as ‘Prop’

October 12, 2018

Juan Williams slammed President Trump’s White House meeting with rapper Kanye West and former Cleveland Browns running back Jim Brown, saying that Trump used West as a “prop” to demonstrate to his supporters that the President isn’t racist.

“This is Trump speaking to his white backers saying ‘I’m not racist’,” said Williams, the left-leaning co-host of Fox News’ The Five. “He’s Kanye West, so all these things about [Trump] calling people ‘dogs’ and saying people ‘coming from s**thole countries’ [can be overlooked].”

“This behavior by Trump didn’t start yesterday,” he added, pointing out that Jim Brown had met with the then-president-elect in Trump Tower after the 2016 election.

Co-host Jesse Watters disagreed, saying that West brought attention to legitimate economic issues in the black community.

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