Journalist: Warren Colluded with CNN to Take Out Bernie

Journalist: Warren Colluded with CNN to Take Out Bernie

January 17, 2020

Wednesday on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight, journalist Michael Tracey asserted that Sen. Elizabeth Warren engaged in “collusion” with CNN to undermine her White House competitor Bernie Sanders in “one of the most egregious calculated hit jobs that we’ve ever really seen in modern political history.”

“It was choreographed by the Warren campaign with an assist from CNN,” said Tracey, referring to the CNN moderator who asked Sanders about Warren’s allegation at Tuesday’s Democrat debate that Sanders had told her a woman could not win the presidency in 2020, a claim Sanders denies.

“They leaked this story—attributed to sources—to CNN the day before CNN was hosting the debate, and they knew it was obviously going to be asked at the debate, and Warren had pre-prepared talking points at the ready, so what you really have to describe this as, I think, is collusion… between the Warren campaign and CNN.”

“The entire thing was orchestrated,” Tracey concluded. “That’s what’s so craven about it.”


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