Jones: Trump Is Helping African-Americans ‘In Real Life’

Jones: Trump Is Helping African-Americans ‘In Real Life’

February 6, 2020

In the aftermath of President Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday evening, CNN contributor Van Jones warned his fellow Democrats that Trump was helping African-Americans “in real life” and reaching out to them for their vote in 2020, according to Breitbart.

“What he was saying to African-Americans can be effective,” Jones said on CNN. “You may not like it, but he mentioned HBCUs [historically black colleges and universities] — our black colleges have been struggling for a long time, a bunch of them have gone under — he threw a lifeline to them, in real life, in his budget. He talked about that. He talked about the criminal justice reform. He talked about opportunity zones. He talked about school choice.”

Jones later tweeted, “WAKE UP, folks. The #IowaCaucus was a debacle, followed by a strong #SOTU speech laying out Trump’s strategy to win – which includes going for Black voters.

“This was a warning shot from the Trump campaign to liberals, and we need to take this VERY seriously in order to win.”


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