Jones: Trump Attacks Will Create ‘Backlash of Support for Kamala’

Jones: Trump Attacks Will Create ‘Backlash of Support for Kamala’

August 13, 2020

Thursday on CNN, commentator Van Jones predicted President Trump’s attacks on Democrat VP pick Kamala Harris as an angry black woman would backfire.

“I mean, bottom line, that is just not effective, calling her a mad woman when you saw yesterday she was anything but that,” Jones noted. “It definitely — what they’re about to do is create such a backlash of support for Kamala. Once you go down the angry black woman thing even African-Americans who are holding back, ‘What about the criminal justice piece?’ Now you’re creating a wave of sympathy and empathy and solidarity for her, and frankly, don’t forget, this summer was demonstrated by the millions that it’s not just black people by ourselves. You have tens of millions of white Americans that don’t like the way black folks are being treated and shown.

“He thinks he’ll be able to persecute Kamala Harris with these, you know, with these crazy, madwoman, this type of stuff. He is going to… offend an awful lot of people and consolidate more support for her than mobilize against her. It’s not a smart strategy.”

Although Jones certainly isn’t trying to help Trump, he has a valid point. A better strategy is to emphasize that Kamala isn’t even “African-American.”

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