Jones: ‘Took Courage’ for Biden to Say He’d Abandon Oil Industry

Jones: ‘Took Courage’ for Biden to Say He’d Abandon Oil Industry

October 23, 2020

In coverage of Thursday’s presidential debate, CNN’s Van Jones praised Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden for stating he wanted to “transition” from the oil industry, saying that “took courage.”

“It took courage for him to say what he said about the oil industry,” Jones said. “For him to say, I am committed to transitioning them, over time, in a responsible way, to a better business model, frankly, these energy companies could have a much better business model. Even the energy companies themselves are talking about this transition. But for Joe Biden to not duck it and say, yeah, we are going to move responsibly to that, that takes courage in an election where he’s looking at a Texas… where he’s looking at a Pennsylvania.

“But that’s the thing about Joe Biden. He actually believes in some stuff. And he’s willing to take some stands on some stuff. And there are, frankly, more jobs, a lot more jobs putting up solar panels than there are going to be on the oil rigs in the next several years, and he’s willing to make that case as well. I’m very proud that Joe Biden stood up for his beliefs and stood up for better jobs in the future, rather than try to be in the back of the line for the old jobs.”

Contrary to Jones’ claim, Biden’s anti-oil declaration at the debate was essentially committing political suicide onstage. The green energy future Jones has always championed is a massive boondoggle that will push America toward 3rd world status.

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