Jones on Kamala’s DNC Speech: ‘I Got The Feels, Man’

Jones on Kamala’s DNC Speech: ‘I Got The Feels, Man’

August 20, 2020

Wednesday on CNN, political analyst Van Jones lauded VP nominee Kamala Harris’s speech at the Democratic National Convention, stating that “something beautiful, amazing happened” that gave him “the feels, man.”

“I thought Obama did what he had to do, but I got the feels, man,” Jones said. “You got a lot of people who watched Kamala Harris tonight holding their daughters’ hands. Something beautiful, amazing happened tonight. People have begun to lose hope in this country. Maybe I can’t make it. Maybe nothing’s possible anymore. When you have a black woman standing up there the way that she was, proud, strong, warm, telling the story of being in the stroller, a stroller’s view of protest. My family’s been doing this. She’s representing something. She’s putting medicine out here for people.”

“This was history. This was a big deal,” he added. “I got women texting me from across the country, saying, ‘I feel great tonight. I feel like I can make it tonight.’ … She delivered something beautiful tonight. Kamala Harris.”

The left works hard to present its candidates as warm and “empathetic,” but Biden and Harris are as fake, corrupt, and self-centered as politicians come.

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