Jones: If Chauvin Not Convicted, America Will Be in a ‘Dangerous Position’

Jones: If Chauvin Not Convicted, America Will Be in a ‘Dangerous Position’

March 30, 2021

Monday on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, political commentator Van Jones threatened that if former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is not found guilty of killing George Floyd, America will be in a “dangerous position as a country.”

Jones said, “Everybody I’m talking to are [sic] frustrated, re-triggered, re-traumatized. Seeing that video, seeing the complete contempt for life. You have a generation of African-Americans and their allies — I’m talking this entire young generation—that is watching this to see if America — listen, the system is on trial here. The system is on trial. and I can’t tell you, people have tried to push away from this, move on from this. Today brought it all back home for tens of millions of people. And if this is considered legal conduct from a police officer, if you can do this in broad daylight and not go to jail, it will be perceived as open season, telling police officers from coast to coast you can literally get away with murder in broad daylight.”

Of course, the video doesn’t tell the whole story of Floyd’s death — and Jones knows it. But the left needs for the Chauvin trial to be, as Jones stated, one in which America itself is put on trial, and found guilty of the systemic racism which Democrats need everyone to believe exists.

“You’re putting us in a very dangerous situation when you do that because what you’re now saying is it doesn’t matter if you follow the rules…” Jones added. “You’ve got a potential time bomb on both sides.”

He then linked in the issue of GOP lawmakers pushing for election integrity laws and lectured “these white voters who are supporting Republicans doing stuff that they know is wrong… to be called to a higher purpose.”

By “higher purpose,” Jones means clearing the way for massive Democrat voter fraud, because election integrity laws stand in the way of their lust for power.

Jones concluded: “[T]hese bills that are being passed to chop us off at the voting block and juries coming out saying it’s okay to kill us are putting us in a dangerous position as a country and as America.”

It’s dangerous only because the left erupts in violence whenever their agenda is resisted.

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