Jones: Economy Making Things ‘Worse’ for Black Community

Jones: Economy Making Things ‘Worse’ for Black Community

July 22, 2022

Thursday on CNN’s New Day, network political commentator Van Jones urged decrepit, incompetent puppet President Joe Biden to take the economy more “seriously” with how it has affected black people.

According to Jones, inflation and the record-high gas prices have “really walloped the black community.” After pointing out how black voters had shown up to vote in recent elections expecting to make things better for themselves, Jones argued it had actually gotten “worse.”

“I think for African American voters, in particular, there is a special heartbreak because, first of all, the pain is more intense,” Jones stated. “You know, the rising gas prices, food prices, really walloped the black community in a particular way.”

“But the hopes were so much higher,” he continued. “And so, you have a community that came out in huge numbers in 2018; huge numbers in 2020, expecting things to get a lot better, and instead, economically at least, it didn’t come true — it got worse. And so, you’re going through a summer now of heartbreak with black voters. The polls show that, and I think Biden’s got to take it very seriously.”

What really needs to happen is not that Biden take seriously his impact on blacks, but that blacks reconsider their support for the Democrat Party, which has never done anything for them.

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