Jones Disses Kamala: ‘There is No Likely Successor’ to Biden

Jones Disses Kamala: ‘There is No Likely Successor’ to Biden

May 2, 2022

Friday on Erin Burnett OutFront, CNN political commentator Van Jones conceded that President Joe Biden has no heir apparent, seemingly dismissing Vice President Kamala Harris.

Asked how bad the situation is Democrats in terms of a successor to the rapidly decaying President, Jones said, “Look, right now, it feels like a lose-lose situation. You know, Joe Biden is a beloved human being, but he’s also up in years, so there is a fear.”

Say what? Biden is a beloved human being? Jones is gaslighting his viewers.

“Hey, listen, don’t forget, when Obama went into office, he looked like a young Tiger Woods,” Jones continued. “In the beginning, he left looking like Morgan Freeman. I mean, that job will tear you up. That is a tough job. So the idea of, ‘Can this guy do the full eight years?’ That’s the question. I think some people aren’t confident.”

Some people aren’t confident Biden can do eight years? Whom is he kidding? There is no rational person on this planet who believes the mentally and physically decrepit Biden can finish out another term — likely not even this term.

“At the same time, there is no heir apparent. There is no likely successor,” Jones added, noting that the spectacularly incompetent VP Kamala’s “numbers are not as strong, his numbers are not as strong, nobody’s numbers are as strong, so a free-for-all in the last year of his presidency now feels like a lose-lose.”

Exactly right. Either Biden or Harris would definitely hand the Democrats a Republican landslide in the next presidential election, even with their widespread voter fraud in play.

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