Jones: DeSantis’ Message is That He’s ‘More Efficient Persecutor of People’ than Trump

Jones: DeSantis’ Message is That He’s ‘More Efficient Persecutor of People’ than Trump

March 7, 2023

Monday on Anderson Cooper 360, CNN contributor Van Jones said that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is sending a message to voters that he is “more efficient” at persecuting people than former President Trump.

Jones said, “I mean, it’s really sad to see these two front-runners kind of chasing each other off the cliff of crazy. You’re proud that you can’t find common ground with half the people in your state or just less than half the people in your state who are liberal and progressive. You’re proud you’re beating up on transgender kids and showing them no sympathy, no empathy in at least understanding what they’re going through. You may disagree with some of the medical procedures, but you got to show some empathy for those families. You are proud you have no empathy for these kids and you think this is going to be rewarded.”

Fact check: none of this is true, but Jones is a propagandist.

He added, “The only distinction you want to draw with President Trump is that you’re just kind of nicer and more efficient in persecuting people. You’re a nicer more efficient persecutor of people. Not somebody who will help folks. What’s amazing is his book, you know, is a testament to Trump. The book he put out, he’s praising Trump more than Trump praises himself. So this is a very bizarre spectacle. If I were a Republican I’d be heartbroken these are the two main options.”

But you’re not a Republican, Van. You’re a far-Left radical out to destroy everything America is and stands for, and you’re worried because Trump and DeSantis won’t roll over for you like so many other Republicans.

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