Jones: Court-Packing a ‘Teddy Bear’ for ‘Angry’ Democrats

Jones: Court-Packing a ‘Teddy Bear’ for ‘Angry’ Democrats

October 16, 2020

Thursday on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, commentator Van Jones said the notion of “court-packing” had become a “teddy bear” for Democrats.

Reacting to Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden‘s continued refusal, in his ABC News town hall earlier, to answer whether he supports packing the Supreme Court, Jones said, “Yeah, D-minus on that answer… We’ve got two Supreme Court Justice seats that we don’t feel were given to the Republicans fairly. You feel like the Electoral College stacks the deck against Democrats. You feel like the Senate’s got the filibuster. All these different things. The gerrymandering. So there’s so much pent-up frustration that Democrats are feeling that this issue of being able to pack the court has become a teddy bear for a lot of Democrats to hug on to at night, and he doesn’t want to take the teddy bear away.

“But I think he’s hurting his own brand by not doing it,” Jones continued. “I think it’s better for him to come forward and say, ‘That’s not my brand of politics, I’m not going to do it,’ or, to your point, say he’s going to use it as a bargaining chip.”

Jones is right. By repeatedly dodging the question, Biden looks like what he is: weak and deceitful.

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