Jones: Biden’s Doing Great — If You Just Erase the Past 6 Months

Jones: Biden’s Doing Great — If You Just Erase the Past 6 Months

July 29, 2022

Thursday on CNN’s OutFront, CNN political commentator Van Jones declared with unintentional comedy that President Joe Biden was doing a great job — if you ignore “the past six months of nutty stuff.”

Asked about the budget bill being resurrected, Jones replied, “That big sound you hear in the background is a sigh of the relief for the Democratic Party that we actually are going to be able to deliver on some of the stuff. It would have been better if it had happened earlier. But the reality is to lead is to go first. Biden has been there pushing, trying to get something done on climate. He promised he would get it done. It’s going to get done. He has been pushing to get something done on the chips and the semiconductors.”

Too bad Biden hasn’t been pushing to get anything done on the things that matter to Americans, like record gas prices and surging inflation.

“So, listen,” Jones continued, “if you just erase the past six months of nutty stuff, it looks like you’ve got a president that can get an infrastructure bill done, get COVID stuff done, get something done for the American people on climate, get something done on chips. That’s a successful presidency. You just have the past six months of nonsense that takes away from it.”

It’s unclear specifically what Jones meant by “nutty stuff” and “nonsense,” since that could describe any aspect of the Biden administration’s  agenda and performance so far. It’s also unclear what planet Jones is living on if he thinks this presidency can in any way be described as “successful.”

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