Jones: Biden Stuck Up for Our ‘Humanity’ on Border Surge

Jones: Biden Stuck Up for Our ‘Humanity’ on Border Surge

March 26, 2021

Thursday on CNN’s The Lead, commentator Van Jones said President Joe Biden’s answers at his press conference on the border crisis showed that he “stuck up for our humanity as well as our laws.”

Propagandist anchor Jake Tapper said, “You heard president Biden say there he will not let unaccompanied children, migrants stay on the other side of the border and starve. Obviously, as humans, we applaud the empathy, but others are accusing him of essentially encouraging more of this kind of migration, more of this journey because of his humanity and border facilities, right now, are overwhelmed.”

Jones replied, “I think he pointed out pre-COVID, this kind of surge was an annual occurrence and is an annual occurrence no matter who is in the White House because of conditions back on home countries. It’s a tough situation he’s in.”

No, this kind of surge is unprecedented, chaotic, and overwhelming, precisely because of Biden’s open-borders policies and reputation.

Jones continued: “I think he should let the cameras in. I think it would actually bring out the best in the American people to push us toward resolving this in a comprehensive way. So making a mistake by not having the cameras in there. We have a complicated relationship to immigration. We are a nation of immigrants and laws, and Biden stuck up for our humanity as well as our laws today.”

How is the border crisis evidence that Biden is sticking up for our humanity? An objective observer could only conclude that the border disaster proves that Biden and his fellow Democrats are actually inhumane.

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