Jones: Biden Didn’t Allow ‘Black Female Icon’ Griner to Be Treated Like Garbage

Jones: Biden Didn’t Allow ‘Black Female Icon’ Griner to Be Treated Like Garbage

December 9, 2022

Thursday on CNN This Morning, CNN political commentator Van Jones exulted that President Biden did not allow Russia to treat WNBA pothead Brittney Griner “like garbage” by negotiating her release in a one-for-one prisoner swap for arms dealer Viktor “Merchant of Death” Bout.

Jones said, “This is huge. First of all, that’s a decade-defining image when you saw her wife sitting there, Kamala Harris was there, president is there, such a human image, and yet it just shows this president got it done. He cared enough about this individual person to get her home. It was shocking for young Americans to see an icon like that snatched, locked up, treated like garbage and nine years, ten years for bringing some cannabis oil, medically prescribed.”

Biden cared about a black lesbian drug smuggling hater of America, but didn’t care about the countless victims, past and future, of arms dealer Bout. He also didn’t care about the middle-aged white Marine Paul Whelan, still unjustly imprisoned in Russia.

Jones continued, “So these are decade-defining images. I guarantee you there will be young people 10, 20, 30 years from now who will remember this moment because she is an icon. It’s really, really extraordinary. And people are talking about this other guy. He’s so terrible. Look, there’s a lot of terrible people in the world, a lot of terrible people in Russia. What you can’t allow to happen is have a black female icon treated like garbage and America do nothing about it. Something was done about it, and people are going to be proud of that.”

Yes, there are a lot of terrible people in the world, and Viktor Bout is one of the most terrible of them all. And we just put him back into circulation in an exchange that makes America look as pathetic and decrepit as Biden himself.

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