Jones: Bernie ‘Failed’ to Reject Soviet-style Socialism in Debate

Jones: Bernie ‘Failed’ to Reject Soviet-style Socialism in Debate

February 26, 2020

Tuesday night on CNN, former Obama adviser Van Jones confessed he was disappointed that White House contender Bernie Sanders did not reject “authoritarian” socialism during the Democrat presidential debate.

“I was disappointed with Bernie’s answer on the socialism question,” Jones said. “He had to know it was coming. There’s no reason to do a big retrospective, nostalgia, scream-fest about authoritarian regimes from the ’70s. It was an opportunity for Bernie to clarify to the people when he says Democratic Socialism that’s the point. It’s not that stuff from Cuba. It’s not that stuff from the Soviet Union. It’s the stuff in Northern Europe that’s working for normal people.

“He failed to do it. It’s unbelievable he failed to do that. It is what a big chunk of our party needed to hear from him. He didn’t do it tonight,” Jones added.

In fact, there is no such distinct thing as Democratic Socialism. There is only socialism, which is the gateway drug to communism. Sanders didn’t reject it because he’s a lifelong communist.

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