John Kerry Would Be ‘Climate Czar’ in Biden Administration

John Kerry Would Be ‘Climate Czar’ in Biden Administration

November 23, 2020

The Joe Biden transition team announced Monday that John Kerry, the former Secretary of State largely responsible for the traitorous nuclear deal with Iran, would serve under a potential Biden administration as a special presidential envoy on climate.

“America will soon have a government that treats the climate crisis as the urgent national security threat it is,” the longtime anti-American Kerry subsequently tweeted. “I’m proud to partner with the President-elect, our allies, and the young leaders of the climate movement to take on this crisis as the President’s Climate Envoy.”

Kerry oversaw the U.S.’s entrance into the absurd Paris Agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Trump pulled out of the agreement in 2020, arguing that the agreement handicapped the U.S. economy in order to “win praise from the very foreign capitals and global activists that have long sought to gain wealth at our country’s expense.”

Regarding that agreement, Kerry tweeted, “The work we began with the Paris Agreement is far from done. I’m returning to government to get America back on track to address the biggest challenge of this generation and those that will follow. The climate crisis demands nothing less than all hands on deck.”

Yet another reason why a Biden presidency would be immeasurably disastrous for the United States.

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