Jeffries: Trump is Pushing GOP Into ‘Illegitimate Impeachment’ of Joe Biden

Jeffries: Trump is Pushing GOP Into ‘Illegitimate Impeachment’ of Joe Biden

August 30, 2023

Tuesday on CNN’s This Morning, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) said he believed former President Trump is pressuring Republicans to pursue an “illegitimate impeachment inquiry” into President Biden.

Jeffries said, “Well, throughout this year, the American people have been forced to deal with a do-nothing extreme Republican Congress that has done nothing to make a difference in the economy, nothing to make a difference with respect to job creation, nothing as it relates to health care affordability, nothing as to relates to inflation, nothing as it relates to public safety.”

He continued, “They have nothing to show for their majority throughout the year. So, as a natural consequence of that, they just continue to take orders from Donald Trump, their puppet master-in-chief, who has directed them to persecute and to go after Joe Biden, which may take the form of an illegitimate impeachment inquiry.”

Jeffries added, “From a policy perspective, it’s exactly the wrong thing do. As House Democrats we want to continue to focus for delivering for everyday Americans, making a difference in the lives of everyday Americans. There are so many challenges we need to continue to confront. President Biden is leading in an extraordinary way trying to build an economy from the middle out and the bottom up.”

No one, including Jeffries and his CNN confederates in propaganda, believes that the decrepit Biden is leading anything, much less in an extraordinary way. Nor does anyone buy the fiction that he (or his administration) is building a strong economy for American families. But The Narrative must be maintained for the agenda to go forward.

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