Jeffries: Speaker Johnson is ‘Extreme Right-Wing Ideologue’

Jeffries: Speaker Johnson is ‘Extreme Right-Wing Ideologue’

October 26, 2023

Wednesday on CNN’s This Morning, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) called newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) an “extreme right-wing ideologue.”

Jeffries said, “I don’t know Mike Johnson well. Based on his track record, he clearly appears to be an extreme right-wing ideologue.”

He continued, “Mike Johnson wants to criminalize abortion care and impose a nationwide ban. Mike Johnson was one of the chief architects of trying to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. Mike Johnson also wants to end Social Security and Medicare as we know it. Those are extreme views.”

Jeffries added, “House Democrats will push back aggressively against that. However, at the same period of time, we said from the very beginning of this Congress and demonstrated that we are ready, willing and able to find common ground with our Republican colleagues in order to advance bipartisan solutions to solve problems for hard-working American taxpayers. And all Mike Johnson will need to do is to meet us in a bipartisan way in that fashion, and we’ll be able to work together whenever and wherever possible.”

If Johnson is eliciting so much fear-mongering condemnation from radicals like Jeffries, he must be just the kind of conservative America needs.

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