Jeffries: GOP is So ‘Extreme’ Dems Will Hold House Majority

Jeffries: GOP is So ‘Extreme’ Dems Will Hold House Majority

August 17, 2022

Tuesday on MSNBC’s All In, radical Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) claimed laughably that the Republican Party had become so “extreme,” he believes Democrats will “defy history” and hold on to the majority in the House in November’s midterm elections.

Asked for the Democrats’ midterm message, Jeffries said, “We are going to continue to work on an agenda that does lower costs for everyday Americans, and we do have delivered in some areas, on energy costs, on prescription drug prices, on health care costs.”

He continued, “We’ve led the environment led by a president where gas prices are now in decline for nine consecutive weeks. Every single day of the summer, gas prices have dropped. Job creation continues to be robust.”

The gaslighting here is jaw-dropping. “Gas prices in decline,” for example: the Biden administration was responsible for gas prices hitting a record high. Now that they are in decline, the Biden administration wants to take credit for the “historic” drop in prices. But gas prices are still twice what they were under Trump. The Democrats have done nothing to lower costs for everyday Americans. They have destroyed the economy in an intentional agenda to wipe out the American middle class.

Jeffries added, “The choice is Democrats who are delivering by putting people over politics and extreme Republicans. They are extreme on reproductive freedom. They want to criminalize abortion… And, of course, extreme on democracy. Chris, apparently, they don’t believe it anymore. So we think when we can go to the voters with a very clear choice, we have got a strong chance to defy history and hold a majority in the House of Representatives.”

Nobody believes Jeffries’ malarkey. Americans now know that the Democrats are the extremists. They are the party of extreme abortion (up to the moment of birth), extreme spending, extreme inflation, extreme energy costs, and on and on.

He is delusional if he thinks the midterms are going to be anything less than a Republican massacre.

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