Jeffries: Afghanistan Withdrawal Decision ‘Exactly the Right One’

Jeffries: Afghanistan Withdrawal Decision ‘Exactly the Right One’

August 31, 2021

Last weekend on Fox News Channel’s Sunday Night in America, radical Rep. Hakeem Jeffries tried to spin President Joe Biden’s foreign policy catastrophe in Afghanistan, claiming Biden’s exit plan there was “exactly the right one.”

“First of all, you know, our hearts break for the tragic loss of those 13 brave members of the military who gave their life in service to this country and paid the ultimate sacrifice,” Jeffries began, refusing to note that those brave servicemembers would still be alive if it weren’t for Biden’s willful incompetence.

“I think the decision to withdraw from Afghanistan was the right one,” he continued, ignoring the fact that former President Trump was the one who made the decision to withdraw. Biden’s decision was to reject Trump’s logical exit plan and throw Afghanistan into humiliating chaos.

“Certainly, it has been a tumultuous few weeks, though it is important to note that more than 114,000 Americans and Afghan allies and women and vulnerable children have been evacuated over the last two weeks,” Jeffries added, trying to create a narrative that what is universally considered one of the worst decisions in American history is actually “an extraordinary accomplishment.”

Jeffries is a race-mongering idiot and a leftist ideologue. Trying to spin the Afghan exit as anything but a titanic Democrat failure is repugnant.

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