Jean-Pierre: Trump Supporters Are a ‘Threat to Our Democracy’

Jean-Pierre: Trump Supporters Are a ‘Threat to Our Democracy’

September 1, 2022

During the daily briefing on Wednesday, White House press propagandist Karine Jean-Pierre denounced supporters of former President Trump, accusing them of posing an “extremist threat to our democracy.”

“Let me be very clear, it’s not just Republican leadership, it’s not just that blanket, right?” she said to reporters. “[Biden]’s talking about an extreme portion, an extreme part of the party.”

Jean-Pierre previewed the president’s speech planned for Thursday about restoring the “soul of Democracy” and warned of “extreme” Republicans.

“When you are supporting an authoritarian figure, as we have seen, who is leading, currently leading, the former president, you know, and um saying and inciting the violence that you are or wanting to take our freedoms, you know we need to say something,” she said.

Jean Pierre asserted there was “more examples we can count” of Trump supporters and Republican leaders demonstrating their threats to democracy. She stressed that not all Republicans were dangerous to Democracy, pointing out the president’s flattering words about Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan, who she said was “not in that bucket” of Republicans who posed a threat.

Calling half the country “semi-fascist” and “a threat to democracy” is an interestingly counterintuitive way to unify all Americans, Uncle Joe.

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