Jean-Pierre Struggles When Confronted with Her Record of Election Denial

Jean-Pierre Struggles When Confronted with Her Record of Election Denial

September 6, 2022

During Tuesday’s press conference at the White House, Press Propagandist Karine Jean-Pierre struggled to respond to her past statements denying the results of Republican-won elections — even as her boss President Biden claimed “election deniers” posed a threat to democracy.

“Look, I’m not going to go back to where we were or what happened in 2016, we’re going to focus on the here and now,” she said, when confronted with past statements on social media about former President Trump “stealing” the 2016 election and also Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp “stealing” the election from voter fraud enthusiast Stacy Abrams — who also remains in denial about that election.

“I knew this was coming, I was wondering, Peter, when you were going to ask me that question,” she said, in response to a question from Fox News reporter Peter Doocy during the White House press briefing.

Jean-Pierre dismissed the questions as not relevant. “Let’s be really clear, that comparison that you made is just ridiculous,” Jean-Pierre replied. Is it? How is it ridiculous and not completely fair and legitimate to ask Democrats about their long history of election denial?

She claimed that she had since stated that Trump and Kemp won their elections. Then she immediately pivoted to the January 6th chaos, the Left’s go-to diversion when confronted with questions they don’t want to answer.

“Let’s not forget about what happened on January 6th 2021 when we saw an insurrection, a mob that was incited by the person who occupied this campus, this facility at this time,” she said.

For the billionth time: there was no January 6 insurrection, much less one “incited” by Trump who, on the contrary, called for his supporters that day to protest peacefully.

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