Jayapal: Trump’s Exec. Orders Nothing More Than a ‘PR Stunt’

Jayapal: Trump’s Exec. Orders Nothing More Than a ‘PR Stunt’

August 10, 2020

Monday on MSNBC, Rep. Pramila Jayapal said President Trump’s executive orders addressing the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus were “nothing more than a public relations stunt.”

Asked about the orders, Jayapal replied, “I don’t know if they’re going to be implemented, but even if they are, these were a PR stunt, nothing more than a public relations stunt and a bad one at that. These executive orders, he does not continue the eviction on rent and mortgage assistance. He says maybe they should be considered as continuing the eviction moratorium. He says that he’s increasing or he’s continuing unemployment benefits, but he’s actually slashing them in half because he’s asking for states who have no money to participate in giving even less unemployment than what was assured before to people. He really has done nothing with these executive orders.”

“[T]hese executive orders do nothing to put money in people’s pockets to help deal with the testing and contact tracing,” Lee concluded.

What truly frustrates Dems is that Trump’s orders block them from pushing their radical agenda through.

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