Jayapal: Trump ‘Incited and Fueled’ Domestic Terrorists

Jayapal: Trump ‘Incited and Fueled’ Domestic Terrorists

January 10, 2021

Thursday on MSNBC’s MTP Daily, Rep. Pramila Jayapal declared President Trump must be removed from office because he purportedly “incited and fueled” an assault on the Capitol by “domestic terrorists.”

“I think we have to start with what happened yesterday. This was the most violent and destructive assault on the Capitol, breaching of the Capitol, since the War of 1812,” Jayapal blathered. “And this was done by domestic terrorists, many associated with white nationalist groups and incited and fueled by the President of the United States with the intent to overturn the election. And I think that is the thing we cannot forget.”

Where is her evidence that any of the Trump supporters involved were members of white nationalist groups? This is nothing less than a hateful, race-mongering smear — not to mention the fact that any violence and illegality were provably driven by Antifa agitators.

“I think the reality of the situation is that I have called for the president to be removed,” Jayapal continued. “This is a danger to our country in the next 14 days. We have an inauguration coming up. It can be secured. The Capitol can be secured just as it could have been yesterday. But we are immediately undertaking and pushing for an undertaking of, number one, removal of this president. He is a danger to our country, to our Constitution and to our democracy.”

False. The danger lies in an election fraudulently stolen and a forthcoming administration comprised of anti-American radicals hell-bent — literally — on shredding the Constitution, deconstructing our democracy, and putting America under their totalitarian heel.

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