Jayapal: Israel’s Behavior ‘Prompted’ Hamas’ Rockets

Jayapal: Israel’s Behavior ‘Prompted’ Hamas’ Rockets

May 21, 2021

Wednesday on CNN’s The Lead, far-left Rep. Pramila Jayapal declared, in a stunning and yet predictable assertion of victim-blaming, that it was Israel’s behavior which “prompted” the terror group Hamas to rain over a thousand rockets on the Jewish state, and that the U.S. has to “put more responsibility on Israel in maintaining peace in the region.”

“Well, we condemn Hamas’ firing of those rockets, but I think you have to look at what prompted even that behavior,” Jayapal said. “I think there was the continuing annexation that Israel has been undertaking, for years, actually…this has been a pattern of action from Israel that, frankly, has taken away the idea even of a two-state solution, has led to increased hopelessness from the Palestinian people.”

This is how the left defends the anti-Semitic terrorism they support: by claiming that the purportedly oppressed “Palestinians” have no choice but to commit murderous jihad against Jewish civilians not only in Israel, but around the world.

“And I think what Hamas has done is — obviously we condemn that –”


” — but we have to look at the power balance here, or imbalance as it were, and we have to put more responsibility on Israel in maintaining peace in the region,” Jayapal continued.

Translation: because of the “power imbalance,” Hamas has no obligation to be peaceful. Instead, Israel is obligated to endure ongoing terror attacks and is not allowed to retaliate or root out the source of the violence.

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