Jayapal: GOP Saying Border’s Open is ‘Big Part of the Problem’

Jayapal: GOP Saying Border’s Open is ‘Big Part of the Problem’

September 21, 2022

Tuesday on CNN’s The Lead, Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) argued that we don’t need more money for border security because there’s already been increased funding for the border and that Republicans who describe the border as being “open” are “a big part of the problem.”

After claiming ridiculously that Republicans don’t want to fix the border problem because former President Trump ended foreign aid programs and made it harder for people to enter the country legally, Jayapal stated, “And finally, don’t tell me we need more money at the border. We have continued to increase money at the border, but we haven’t done it by also fixing the legal immigration system and providing people the opportunity and ways to come in here legally.”

There already are ways to come here legally. And the Democrats have no incentive to “fix” our immigration system because they are throwing the doors open to future voters.

She later added, “I just have to say, also, that every time they say the border’s open and all these people are storming over, they actually are inviting more people to come to the border because they’re claiming it’s open. So, they are also a big part of the problem.”

Jayapal is simply trying to blame Republicans for an issue her party intentionally created. There isn’t a single immigrant-wannabe who decided to come to the U.S. because he or she heard a Republican lawmaker describe the border as “open.” Every single one came because they know our immigration system is overwhelmed and that the Democrat Party under the Biden administration wants it that way.

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