Jay-Z’s Team ROC Sues KC Police, Claiming Misconduct Coverups

Jay-Z’s Team ROC Sues KC Police, Claiming Misconduct Coverups

September 22, 2021

Team ROC, the social justice arm of left-wing rap mogul Jay-Z‘s company ROC Nation, filed suit on Monday against the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department (KCKPD) over allegations that the department covered up instances of police misconduct, according to Breitbart News.

The lawsuit is requesting access to records that it claims will expose complaints filed against members of the department’s investigative division, and documents related to the training and supervision of KCKPD officers. Team ROC attorney Alex Spiro claimed that after requesting information, the documents provided to him by the KCKPD were “not sufficient.”

“The government has attempted to block our access to those files, and so we’re suing to see what they don’t want us to see,” Spiro said.

The lawsuit claims the KCKPD has “refused to produce documents pertaining to any steps that the City has taken in response to those Complaints, including any investigations or disciplinary proceedings initiated as a result of the complaints.”

“These documents will help identify the scope of the problem, any potential evidence of a cover-up, and also the potential causes,” the lawsuit states.

Jay-Z’s company, you may recall, bailed anti-police protesters out of jail during the Black Lives Matter rioting of 2020, and his entertainer wife Beyonce has performed in videos slamming police as violent racists.

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