Jarrett: ‘Racist’ Senator Perdue Should Apologize to Kamala

Jarrett: ‘Racist’ Senator Perdue Should Apologize to Kamala

October 19, 2020

Monday on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett called Republican Senator David Perdue “racist” for mispronouncing Democratic VP pick Kamala Harris’ first name at a campaign rally.

Asked if Perdue’s “motivation” was racist or if he just “misspoke” and if he should apologize, Jarrett replied, “Yes, it was racist, and of course, he should apologize. He knows how to pronounce her name. It’s another way to diminish her and seem like an ‘other,’ which is a pattern in the Republican Party beginning with President Trump calling her a monster, a communist.”

“Here is the point, Andrea, it will backfire,” she added. “People are sick and tired of that. They are sick and tired of trying to make Americans feel as though they are less than. That’s not just for the people who it’s directed at. I think if you look at the mass support, we saw around our country, demonstrations in all 50 states, people of all races and backgrounds in support of Black Lives Matter, and yet our own president won’t even admit we have inside of systemic racism in our country. I think they are out of touch. I’m hopeful that the American people will vote those values, vote that confidence vote that confidence that we have America is better when we look at what we have in common with one another instead of trying to polarize us.”

What will backfire is the left’s relentless use of the race card. Americans are sick and tired of that.

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