Jarrett: Biden’s ‘Authenticity’ is ‘What Our Country Needs’

Jarrett: Biden’s ‘Authenticity’ is ‘What Our Country Needs’

June 12, 2020

In an interview with the Washington Post on Thursday, former Barack Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett said Joe Biden‘s “authenticity” and empathy make him the right person to be president “at this moment.”

“I think his message is spot on,” said Jarrett, who then referred to Biden meeting with the family of George Floyd, who died last month in the custody of Minneapolis police. “His phone call with the [Floyd] family where he listened was empathetic… I think the message and the tone and the authenticity is perfect.

“So I have every confidence that he’s actually just what our country needs at this moment and I hunger for his voice during the campaign and I sure look forward to him being sworn in on January 20th,” she added.

The cognitively-impaired Biden is no more authentic or empathetic than any career Democrat politician. But leftist strategists like Jarrett and their media enablers are pushing the narrative that President Trump “lacks empathy” and that Biden has it, because Democrat voters value feelings above facts.

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