Jackson Lee: ‘Racism Raised Its Ugly Head’ in VA Elections

Jackson Lee: ‘Racism Raised Its Ugly Head’ in VA Elections

November 4, 2021

Wednesday on CNN’s At This Hour, race-mongering Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee claimed bitterly and falsely that “racism raised its ugly head” in the Virginia gubernatorial election in which Critical Race Theory enthusiast candidate Terry McAuliffe was crushed by pro-parent Republican Glenn Youngkin.

“I really define Virginia as a case that was about local issues. Those were about parental issues,” Jackson Lee noted correctly. McAuliffe himself made it about parental issues during the campaign when he declared stupidly that he believed parents shouldn’t have any say in school curricula, because “we have experts for that.”

“And unfortunately, racism raised its ugly head and the Republican candidate used it very aptly,” Jackson Lee continued. “He followed the Trump playbook: use race and get a win. And that’s very sad. I’m not going to tie that to Democrats or anything we did here in Washington. I’m going to tie that to continuing to try to work to promote the beloved community that Martin King and John Lewis talked about.”

Youngkin didn’t use race — the tone-deaf McAuliffe did. Critical Race Theory is a racist ideology the leftist elites push in schoolrooms to divide and conquer Americans along racial lines. Youngkin empowered parents of all colors to fight back against that indoctrination, and that’s why a Republican won.

The race card isn’t working anymore, but Democrats have nothing else to play.

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