Jackson Lee: ‘Most of’ Border ‘Well-Protected’ and Runs Fine

Jackson Lee: ‘Most of’ Border ‘Well-Protected’ and Runs Fine

September 23, 2021

Wednesday on CNN’s The Lead, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee declared insanely that “most of” our southern border “is well-protected with legal points of entry and it operates appropriately.” Then she went on to blame the inability to handle the current surge of illegal alien crossings on Title 42 legislation and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott — a Republican, of course.

“Why don’t we start from point A? And that is, let us change the narrative,” the ideologue propagandist Jackson Lee began. “The narrative is that we have a human rights crisis at the border. I am a Texan. We have about 2,000 miles, a little under 2,000 miles of border. And most of that border is well-protected with legal points of entry and it operates appropriately. But what has happened is because of the Trump relic of Title 42 and the demonizing of immigrants through our governor, Gov. Abbott, who’s looking towards the next election, we can’t seem to really know how to handle this surge.”

Fact check: every bit of that word salad is false except the part about the length of the Texas-Mexico border. Lee isn’t even a Texan (she was born in Queens; being a Democrat in Texas now doesn’t make her a Texan).

It’s unclear how supposedly “demonizing immigrants” has anything to do with a tsunami of illegals crossing the southern border at will. She also didn’t make it clear how Abbott is to blame. What is clear is the the Democrat Party has facilitated our open borders because they want a flood of potential Democrat voters surging into the country.

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