Jackson Lee Caught on Tape Spewing Profanities at Staff

Jackson Lee Caught on Tape Spewing Profanities at Staff

October 23, 2023

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), notorious for bullying and abusing her staff, was reportedly caught on a secret recording obtained by Current Revolt barraging her staffers with angry profanities.

Lee was furious over a scheduling issue and the fact that the staffer did not know the exact date that she wanted to know.

The staffer said that he didn’t know the date because another staffer named Jerome had the paper with the date on it.

“I don’t want you to do a g**d*** thing. I want you to have a f***ing brain,” she allegedly said. “I want you to have read it. I want you to say, ‘Congresswoman, with such and such date.’ That’s what I want. That’s the kind of staff that I want to have. So some stupid other motherf***er did it. And, and I don’t have the information. Nobody sent me the information. I need to, uh, ensure my, um, schedule and, uh, you know, if, if Boo Boo did it, s*** a** did it, f*** face did it. And nobody knows a g**d*** thing in my office. Okay? Nothing. I gave it to you. Your job was to get it on the calendar, imprint it in your brain, or send me the information back saying, ‘Congresswoman, I made sure that the Ovide Duncantell event that you gave me, uh, for a so-and-so date at seven is on the f***ing calendar.’ Not to, oh, Jerome has it.”

“So when I called Jerome, he only sitting up there like a fat a** stupid idiot talking about, uh, what the f***?” she allegedly continued. “He doesn’t know. Okay? Both of y’all are f*** ups [inaudible]. It’s the worst s*** that I could have ever had put together. Two g**d*** big a** children f***ing idiots serve no g**d*** purpose. Ain’t managing nobody. Nobody’s respecting them. Nobody gives a s*** about what you’re doing and you ain’t doing s***. And this is an example of it. I gave it to Jerome. This is not child’s work.”

Sounds like Jackson Lee is the childish one.

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