Jackson Lee Calls on ‘Leaders’ Including GOP to Ignore Trump

Jackson Lee Calls on ‘Leaders’ Including GOP to Ignore Trump

June 1, 2021

Monday on CNN, unhinged racist Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee ranted against those who still [justifiably] question the 2020 presidential election outcome, urging Americans to ignore former President Donald Trump.

“When the vote was over, the vote was a peaceful vote in November 2020, and Americans were willing to accept that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had been elected,” Lee claimed falsely. There was actually national outrage about the demonstrably blatant voter fraud Democrats carried out.

“President Trump knows that he created this lie, and he continued the narrative, and he continued to inflict wounds, but they became bricks, little sticks in the body of the democratic process,” she added, also falsely. It is Jackson Lee’s Party that created this lie, and she knows it.

“So I believe all we need to do as leaders, including Republicans, is to voice our support for the Constitution, to stop this continuing, inflicting of the wound, to ignore Donald Trump, who is no longer the president of the United States, and restore the faith in the Constitution, which has never been diminished…” she went on. Too late, Rep. Lee: at least 84 million Trump supporters have no intention of being ignored or letting Democrats get away with their massive voter fraud.

“It’s untrue what is being said,” she continued. “There is trust. We have elections, don’t we, and people trust those results.”

Not anymore, they don’t. Even a large percentage of Independents and Democrats themselves expressed concerns about the legitimacy of the election. Jackson Lee and her fellow leftists have demonstrated that election integrity means nothing to them, and that they will lie and cheat and do whatever is necessary to seize and maintain power.

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