Jackson Compares UK to Taliban over ‘White Male Supremacy’

Jackson Compares UK to Taliban over ‘White Male Supremacy’

December 21, 2021

Race-hustling Rev. Jesse Jackson, while visiting the United Kingdom, told The Guardian on Monday that he compares the UK to the Taliban over the presence of ‘white male supremacy’ within the country.

“Women and people of color are still facing the shadow of white male supremacy both here and in the U.S.,” Jackson  claimed falsely. “We complain about the Taliban but we do it ourselves in a nicer, gentler way.”

Absolutely absurd. This is the hyperbolic claim of an anti-Western demagogue.

Jackson also predictably heaped praise on the terrorist, racial supremacist Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, saying that it was “consciousness-raising,” and that it was “a new name for an old process,” referring to the Black Power movement in the U.S.

This is the usual blather from a race huckster who recently labeled Britain the “mother of racism.” The left-wing Guardian naturally gives Jackson a platform to spread his racist accusations, including his ludicrous comparison of the UK and the Taliban.

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