J Street, Peter Beinart Crticize Israeli-Saudi Peace Efforts

J Street, Peter Beinart Crticize Israeli-Saudi Peace Efforts

October 5, 2023

J Street, the left-wing, George Soros-funded, anti-Israel organization, and radical left-wing pundit Peter Beinart are criticizing a potential peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel because of their enmity toward the Israeli government.

President Biden, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman have all been talking up the prospects of a deal between Israel and the most important Muslim country.

But the Biden administration is reportedly stalling the talks by insisting on concessions to the Palestinians that even the Saudis are not demanding, and left-wing Jewish organizations have said Biden should not make a deal unless it “include[s] measures that tangibly advance prospects for a two-state outcome to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

J Street, for example, which calls Netanyahu a liar and a demagogue because of his judicial reform proposals, said, “As an organization that supports the establishment of normal relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia, J Street strongly agrees that any normalization agreement should be leveraged to promote the ultimate resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Beinart declared on Wednesday that a Saudi-Israeli peace would destabilize the Middle East, and he applauded 20 Democratic Senators who insisted that the administration push for concessions to the Palestinians — whose current leaders continue to spout antisemitism and to deny Jewish rights to religious worship in Jerusalem.

“Both countries are deeply repressive,” Beinart claimed ludicrously, failing to distinguish between Israel’s open, liberal democracy and Saudi Arabia’s authoritarian, hereditary monarchy.

Peace and normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia would strengthen these countries, which are not directly threatening each other, while squandering Palestinian leverage to force Israeli concessions, Beinart argued.

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