Israel Moves to Deport Palestinian BDS Founder

Israel Moves to Deport Palestinian BDS Founder

October 7, 2019

Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri announced Sunday that he had directed the Population and Immigration Authority to prepare a legal opinion to be used in the deportation of Omar Barghouti, founder of the anti-Israel, Jew-hating Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) Movement.

“I intend to act quickly to deprive Omar Barghouti of residency status in Israel,” Deri said in a statement, according to the Times of Israel. “This is a man who does everything to harm the country and therefore must not enjoy the right to be a resident of Israel.”

Barghouti is a permanent resident in the Jewish state thanks to his marriage to an Arab-Israeli woman. The Interior Ministry said the opportunity arose to deport Bargouti after the Attorney General’s office declared it had the authority to revoke his residency status.

The chairman of the Arab-majority Joint List alliance had the nerve to complain that the decision to deport the subversive Barghouti was “an anti-democratic act.”

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