ISIS Claims Responsibility for ‘Martyrdom Operation’ in Kabul

ISIS Claims Responsibility for ‘Martyrdom Operation’ in Kabul

August 27, 2021

According to its official news agency Amaq, the terror group Islamic State claimed responsibility for Thursday’s deadly bombings in Kabul.

ISIS claimed the attacks killed and wounded at least 160 people. The count from U.S. officials as of Thursday afternoon is 60 dead, including 11 U.S. Marines and a Navy medic, plus at least 150 wounded.

Amaq said the “martyrdom operation near Kabul airport” was carried out by ISIS jihadist Abdul Rahman al-Logari, who was “able to reach a distance of no less than five meters from the American forces, who were supervising the procedures for collecting documents from hundreds of translators and contractors in preparation for their evacuation from the country” before detonating himself.

Amaq taunted that the suicide bomber “managed to penetrate all the security measures imposed by the American forces and the Taliban militia in the capital Kabul.”

This ongoing Afghanistan exit debacle would not have happened under a Trump administration.

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