Iran Warns of ‘Consequences’ for Germany’s Hezbollah Ban

Iran Warns of ‘Consequences’ for Germany’s Hezbollah Ban

May 1, 2020

Germany finally announced a total ban on Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorist organization this week, and Iran responsed Friday by warning of “consequences.”

As Breitbart News reports, Germany labeled Hezbollah a “Shiite terrorist organization,” and dozens of police and special forces units stormed mosques and associations across Germany linked to the terror group.

Hezbollah activities “violate criminal law and the organization opposes the concept of international understanding,” said German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas added, “Hezbollah denies Israel’s right to exist, threatens violence and terror and continues to massively upgrade its rocket arsenal. We in Germany must exhaust the means of the rule of law to take action against the criminal and terrorist activities of Hezbollah.”

Iran “strongly” condemned the decision and claimed laughably that Hezbollah plays a “key role” in fighting ISIS. “The German government must face the negative consequences of its decision in the fight against real terrorist groups in the region,” it added.

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