Iowa Republican Hasso: ‘Critical Race Theory Wants to Divide Us’

Iowa Republican Hasso: ‘Critical Race Theory Wants to Divide Us’

December 14, 2021

Republican candidate for Iowa’s Third Congressional District, Nicole Hasso, told Breitbart News Saturday she got her start in politics when she realized what children were being taught in schools, emphasizing that the racist ideological weapon Critical Race Theory (CRT) “wants to divide us.”

“As a mom, that’s what really got me started,” said Hasso, who called the pandemic “the best thing that ever happened to our country, because people start[ed] paying attention to what was actually going on. Moms are starting to rise up and to push against what they’re teaching our kids in school right now.” Hasso clarified that when she was first starting in politics, she went to the capitol to sit in a committee hearing that discussed giving money to schools that had funding revoked from teaching the discredited, propagandistic 1619 Project, noting correctly that “Project 1619 whitewashes our history.”

“As a mom, there’s no way I’m going to sit on the sidelines and allow you to lie to my child and to tell my child that he’s a victim or that his history hates him. I refuse to sit on the sidelines, allow that to happen. So with that, I have decided to put my hat in the ring and to fight for our country. I am first a proud Christian. And I am a proud American. I love this country. And I can’t imagine living anywhere else,” she continued.

“I just truly believe that is just a total lie for us to teach our kids that they’re victims or oppressors,” Hasso added. “And I am a woman… a black woman, and I believe in justice. I believe in truth. I grew up on the south side of Chicago. So I’ve seen injustice all my life. And so, I will not sit on the sidelines. I don’t care what color you are. Justice. It’s key for our country. We cannot live in a lawless society. And Critical Race Theory wants to divide us. It’s a Marxist theory.”

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