Ilhan Omar Dodges ‘Stupid Questions’ About Scandals

Ilhan Omar Dodges ‘Stupid Questions’ About Scandals

August 30, 2019

Rep. Ilhan Omar first, dodged, then dismissed what she called “stupid questions” from reporters on Wednesday about scandals involving misused campaign funds and an adulterous affair.

The National Legal and Policy Center filed an FEC complaint against Omar this week, claiming she misused more than $200,000 in campaign funds and failed to itemize travel reimbursements to Tim Mynett’s consulting group. Mynett’s wife filed for divorce Tuesday, alleging he admitted to an affair with Omar.

“Congresswoman, why are you dodging these questions?” a reporter asked her Wednesday at an appearance in a Minneapolis grocery store. “Because they’re stupid questions,” she replied, although they are perfectly legitimate questions about illegal activity.

The Somali-born Congresswoman later told reporters, “I will just say I have no interest in commenting on anything that you are about to ask about my personal life, so you can chase me all you want.”

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