Ibram X. Kendi: It’s ‘Horrifying’ His Daughter Wants to Be a Boy

Ibram X. Kendi: It’s ‘Horrifying’ His Daughter Wants to Be a Boy

November 3, 2021

In a video posted Saturday on Twitter, race hustler Ibram X. Kendi, the man celebrated by the left for his efforts to insert Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the nation’s schools, said it was “horrifying” when his daughter announced that she wanted to be a boy.

“Even talking about gender, you know, I think it was last week my daughter came home and said she wanted to be a boy,” Kendi said in a video that includes his name on the screen. “You know, which was horrifying for my wife to hear, myself to hear.”

That surely displeased the rabidly activist, bullying transgender lobby and the gender ideologues who deny basic biology.

“And so of course, you know, we’re like, okay, what affirmative messages about girlhood, you know, can we be teaching her to protect her from whatever she’s hearing in our home or even outside of our home that would make her want to be a boy,” he continued.

No doubt if Kendi had a son who wanted to transition to a girl, that would be acceptable, even something to celebrate in our feminized, anti-male culture.

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