Holder Urges Democrats to Pack the Supreme Court

Holder Urges Democrats to Pack the Supreme Court

January 27, 2021

Addressing a virtual seminar on Monday hosted by the Brookings Institution, former corrupt ideologue and race-mongering Attorney General Eric Holder urged Democrats to pack the Supreme Court in response to what he called a crisis of “legitimacy” brought about by the appointment of a conservative majority.

Packing the Court means adding seats to the Supreme Court, then using a Senate majority to fill the vacancies with Progressives.

Holder began his presentation with what he called “three realities.” First, he said, “Democrats and progressives, are, and have been, uncomfortable with the acquisition and the use of power.” Republicans and conservatives, he said, were not. This is a mind-boggling degree of projection on his part: Democrats are in fact consumed by an absolute lust for power, acquiring it by any means necessary.

Second, he said, the Supreme Court and other courts had been “political bodies.” Yes, because the Left has politicized the Court.

And third, he said, the Supreme Court had largely upheld the status quo in its decisions, “sometimes in a way that is inimical to our founding ideals.” On the contrary, Holder and the Left don’t care about our founding ideals, which frustrate the Left’s ideological agenda. It is the Court that has been inimical to our founding ideals by being politically activist.

The recent appointments by the Trump administration, Holder claimed, had “sowed doubt” about judicial independence. (Really? Then why did the Supreme Court reject the Trump administration’s election challenge?) Therefore, Holder said, “I believe it would be totally appropriate to add additional seats to the Supreme Court, in response to what has transpired over the past few years.”

He believes it would be totally appropriate because he wants the Left to control the Judiciary in addition to the Executive and Legislative branches of government — because the Left craves absolute power.

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