Holder: Trump Not Behaving like ‘an American President’

November 21, 2020

In a statement on Friday, Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder accused President Trump of acting not like an American president for challenging the 2020 presidential election results, but like a “foreign autocrat.”

“This is a period of maximum danger for our democracy,” Holder fear-mongered. “Tampering with county officials and inviting state legislators to the White House to discuss a plot to reverse the results of a free and fair election is the behavior of a foreign autocrat, not an American president.”

Of course, the only “plot” here is the Democrat plot, of which there is a growing mountain of evidence, to reverse the results of what would have been a free and fair election had it not been for massive Democrat voter fraud.

Trump has invited a legitimate investigation into that fraud. That doesn’t make him an autocrat; it makes him a fighter, which Democrats aren’t used to dealing with in the GOP.