Holder ‘Surprised and Extremely Disappointed’ in AG William Barr

Holder ‘Surprised and Extremely Disappointed’ in AG William Barr

June 17, 2019

Speaking on Iowa Public Television’s Iowa Press Friday, Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder said he is “surprised and extremely disappointed” by Attorney General William Barr under the Trump administration.

“I’m both surprised and extremely disappointed,” Holder said. “I actually thought that he was an institutionalist and I thought that he would actually be at odds with President Trump relatively soon in his tenure, and he has proved to be anything but that.”

“[Barr] has become a defender of the president, a protector of the president, and has done things inconsistent with what I think an attorney general is supposed to do,” Holder added. “I think he has tended to think of himself as the lawyer for the president as opposed to the attorney for the people of this country.”

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