Holder: Proceed with Trump Indictment — He’s a ‘Danger to the Republic’

Holder: Proceed with Trump Indictment — He’s a ‘Danger to the Republic’

May 11, 2022

Tuesday on CNN’s The Lead, former Attorney General Eric Holder declared that if he were the Attorney General, he would proceed with pursuing an indictment against former President Donald Trump, whom he labeled a “danger to the Republic.”

Guest anchor Dana Bash asked why, regarding Trump, Holder was no longer “opposed to indicting a former president.” Holder replied, “I think given the breadth of what we already know, the depth of the criminality that we already know, and what I undoubtedly think we’re going to get from the January 6th Committee, and the danger to the republic, there was an attempt to stop the peaceful transfer of power, it seems to me there has to be accountability for that.”

There was no Trump-instigated insurrection on January 6. There was, however, a Deep State-instigated setup designed to smear Trump supporters as domestic terrorists. That is the danger to the Republic and that is what someone should be held accountable for.

“Just as importantly, there has to be deterrence so people in the future will not try to do that which they tried to accomplish on January 6th,” Holder continued. “And that has really kind of moved me from thinking, it will be a divisive thing if it happens, but it will be equally divisive, I think, not to take action against those who tried to foment that coup.”

Fact check: there was no attempted coup on January 6.

Asked what he would do if he were attorney general now, Holder responded, “To the extent that I was satisfied that the statutory requirements were met and that you could show the necessary intent, given the nature of this crime, yeah, I would proceed.”

Of course he would. He is a corrupt radical leftist motivated by a lust for power and willing to use it to punish his political opponents.

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