Holder Predicts Prosecutions of People Close to Trump For Jan. 6

Holder Predicts Prosecutions of People Close to Trump For Jan. 6

May 20, 2022

Thursday on MSNBC’s All In, former Attorney General Eric Holder predicted “high-level” prosecutions of people close to former President Trump.

Holder said, “After the revelations from the January 6 Committee and the great job that journalists have done in revealing a whole variety of things, I think you get a sense of the direction of this, and I think you are going to end up with high-level prosecutions of people close to Donald Trump. I think people at the Justice Department are going to be examined, certainly, people involved in the matter, people actually there on January 6, and people who directed them. The question ultimately is what happens to the ex-president. My guess is going to be that they are going to have significant, substantive proof they are going to be able to show that you have the intent, and as what I said before, I have said he has to be held accountable.”

He continued: “We cannot allow what happened on January 6 to go unpunished because it would invite something like that to happen again in the future. Future people who would consider doing something like this have to be deterred.”

Let’s be clear about “what happened on January 6,” 2021 at the Capitol: there was no “insurrection,” as the Left calls it, and Trump — who explicitly called that day for nonviolent demonstration — is blameless for any of the subsequent chaos, which was instigated by Deep State actors in order to paint Trump and his supporters as domestic terrorists.

As always, Holder is on the wrong side of the law and driven by an America-hating, radical agenda.

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