Holder: A Minority ‘Taking Power That is Not Legitimately Theirs’

Holder: A Minority ‘Taking Power That is Not Legitimately Theirs’

October 24, 2018

On Tuesday’s CNN Tonight, National Democratic Redistricting Committee Chairman and former Attorney General Eric Holder stated that the Trump administration is using gerrymandering and voter suppression to take “power that is not legitimately theirs.”

Regarding a Democrat party surge in the upcoming midterm elections, Holder said, “I’m concerned that this seawall of gerrymandering might stop that blue wave from getting to the shore. And I point to Virginia, where Democrats beat Republicans by ten percentage points last year, but were unable to take back the general assembly.

“I mean, with regard to gerrymandering and voter suppression, you are seeing a minority in this country taking power that is not legitimately theirs,” Holder added. “A minority of people are taking majority power and running things for the rest of the country, and frankly, taking positions that most of the rest of the country does not favor.”

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